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How To Use Yesbee

Yesbee  Wholesale  Process

  • 1
    1. Request Quotation
    2. Select items you would like to order and request the quotation.
  • 2
    1. Receive Quotation
    2. Yesbee sales team will contact you with product quotation within 1-3 business days, and if you are happy with the quotation, you can then discuss about incoterms and methods of delivery and payment with Yesbee sales team. * EXW, FOB, DAP, DDP incoterms are available
  • 3
    1. Proforma Invoice
    2. If everything regarding product, incoterms, methods of delivery and payment is fixed, Yesbee sales team will issue Proforma Invoice including shipping fee if you are to use Yesbee shipping service. T/T 100% in advance is basic payment term.
  • 4
    1. Final Invoice
    2. Yesbee sales team will gather your products, and will share and discuss about final invoice depending on availability.
  • 5
    1. Receive Products
    2. Your products will be shipped out from Yesbee Hive Center according to Final Invoice issued and will be delivered to designated address.

Smart Tips To Use Yesbee

Fast & Easy

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